David Beckham Just Dropped Some Very Sexy Scotch

World-renowned soccer player, businessman, underwear peddler, and British guy, David Beckham has released a bottle of scotch and it's just as sexy as you think it is. 

HAIG CLUB is the newest venture between he and Simon Fuller, the father of American Idol. The sheer amount of British charm and style makes it mathematically impossible for this single grain Scotch whisky to taste anything but "bloody brilliant, mate." That's British for "really f*cking good, bro." 

"[HAIG] offers a completely new flavor profile for whisky fans," said Brian Cox, Director of Scotch Whisky for Diageo North America, "The flavor, the storied distillery's heritage and the pride, passion and reach of partners David Beckham and Simon Fuller make this whisky launch unlike any other."

As for the taste, this 40% ABV whisky punches the tongue with a fresh butterscotch taste accented by hints of the kind of exotic fruits you'd find cradled in a chimpanzee's hand at any given time.

It goes without saying that this stuff tastes exactly how Victoria Beckham looks. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and, no joke, saw Spice World​ in theaters the day it came out.