Dos Equis Is Saving Cinco De Mayo

Fact: This year's Cinco de Mayo falls on a Monday.
Fact: Mondays suck so hard.
Solution: Drink a Dos-A-Rita until your boring Monday becomes a Cinco De Mayo extravaganza! Dos Equis — the awesome Mexican beer and legal guardian of The Most Interesting Man In The World — is dropping a ready-to-serve lager margarita/beer hybrid that's made with 100% Agave nectar, Dos Equis beer, and naturally, lots of alcohol. 

The 7.2% ABV Dos-A-Rita is a smooth, refreshing springtime drink that's encouraged to be sipped with glee and jubilance in celebration for... whatever Cinco de Mayo signifies. Independence? Viva Mexico!

Jeremy Glass was legitimately born on May 5 — so thank you, Mexico, for stealing his thunder. AGAIN.