Drink Up Oktoberfest With These Bizzare Beer Glasses

Summer's gross heat is gone, football is back, and we're in the midst of a two week-long celebration that revolves entirely around drinking large quantities of beer. Forget the holidays, this is the most wonderful time of the year! To commemorate, we've tracked down the most ridiculous cups, steins, and glasses to deliver that sudsy goodness straight to your face in style.

Drink up, you gorgeous dollface.

Das Can-In-Stein - $9.99
This clever scaffold mold is designed to fit any 12-ounce brew, transporting you from plain old beer can to instant German beer fest. BYO bar wench. [More...]

The Half Pint Glass - $24.35 for a pair
The trippy split-glass design here is either the most genius way to pick up girls ("Hey babe, wanna split a beer? Literally?!?) or the easiest way to broadcast to all your friends, "I can't finish a full pint on my own." Your call...

Sir Jack's Ox Horn Mug - $120
Bring it way back (like, to the Middle Ages), with this mug made of genuine...horn. Handmade featuring a wooden base, the Ox Horn Mug holds 16 ounces of beer, or mead, or barelywine, or whatever the hell you'd put in a glass like this. Nothing's manlier than drinking out of animal parts, right? [More...]

Das Horn - $25
That last one too subtle? Spend your October guzzling from a literal (plastic) horn, which boasts a stainless steel rim and a neck strap (!!) for hands-free imbibing. 

Dual Beer Glass - $143.17 for a set of four
Perfect for indecisive beer drinkers everywhere, this Dual Glass allows you to mix two different brews in the double-chambered vessel. Here's hoping you're somewhat of a mixologist, though, since the flavors will blend together at the top. Keystone Light with Natty Ice, mmmmmmmburp.

The Non-Spill Portable Beer Glass - $24.35
Beer in a sippy cup. Sold. Child-you would be proud of adult-you.

Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. This is her favorite holiday, as she's partial to giant pretzels and bearded men. Follow her on Twitter at @ali_drucker.