Boozy Advent Calendars Embody The Holiday Spirit

Whether or not you're counting down the days to Christmas, there's no denying Advent calendars are the best. It's hard to beat the rush of guessing what weird trinket or chocolate is hiding behind that little window every day. Unless, of course, you know what's hiding is something leaps and bounds better than candy and toys. (Like, say, booze). 

This year, why not switch things up with one of these eight different alcohol-packed Advent calendars from the fun-loving folks behind Drinks By The Dram? Yeah, exactly. 

Available in versions to match almost anyone's alcohol palate, these rectangular boxes are just like the traditional versions you may remember as a child, only concealed behind each day's window is a fresh sample-sized bottle of tequila, whiskey, rum, cognac, vodka, or gin from purveyors around the world. Merry Christmas, indeed.

Unsurprisingly, with the more enticing contents comes a heftier price tag. The least expensive of the bunch (vodka) starts around $155, while the priciest (premium whisky) will set you back a cool $437. Anticipation doesn't come cheap.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, where there is no special occasion required to sip tequila daily.