Drip Club Is The Birchbox Of E-Liquid

With the way America is handling smoking laws, coupled with irrefutable evidence showing cigarettes will kill you, it appears that "vaping" is officially in vogue. If you've got your vaporizer, the next logical step is to find an e-liquid that suits your fancy. With over 20 brands at their disposal, The Drip Club has an arsenal of e-liquid that allows you to choose a tailored box of premium flavors each and every month. 

So here's how it works: create a profile and complete a palette survey that lets The Drip Club understand your flavor preferences. With categories like coffee, baked goods, cocktails, fruit, and tobacco, you can whittle down your tastes to a specific formula, allowing for a wonderfully curated vaping experience. One of the most popular flavors is a liquid that's extracted from coffee beans and aged in brandy barrels. It's bliss, and it always sells out, duh.  

Each box is delivered once a month and contains, at minimum, 50 milliliters of juice. You can choose the level of nicotine per bottle depending on how much you can handle. Start with 0 milligrams for beginners and crank it up to 12 milligrams for people who eat cigarette butts for breakfast. Check out Drip Club's Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for a look at premium flavors and generally badass vibes. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor of Supercompressor and thinks "The Drip Club" sounds like the name of a book Bret Easton Ellis could've written in 1985.