DripDrop: The Military-Grade Hangover Cure

We love drinking, thus we're always down to try anything that promises to cure the awful pain of a Sunday (or a Saturday, or any day) hangover. DripDrop is a self-described "elite hydration solution" that annihilates hangovers with the power of science—glorious, glorious science!

DripDrop delivers up to three times the amount of electrolytes and sodium found in typical hangover cures, sports drinks, and pediatric alternatives, which in turn rehydrates your water-robbed body after a night of vodka and Bud diesel. 

(Update: You can buy DripDrop at any CVS or Walgreens. So do it.)

Used by leading hospitals, pediatricians, and US Special Forces to treat dehydration, this stuff does not f**k around.

I bet you're all wondering if it actually works and how it tastes. Welp, after a Supercompressor-style bender in September on Fire Island, NY, we all drank this stuff in the morning and felt friggin' fantastic. 

Two packets mixed into a glass of cold water is like that scene in The Last Crusade, where Indiana Jones cures his father's mortal gunshot wound with the holy grail. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his favorite character from the Indiana Jones franchise is Short Round. 

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