Eat This Prosecco Sorbet, You Classy Glutton

Guys, luxury has a taste—it's just freezing cold and straight-up alcoholic. Delicious, in other words. From the chilly depths of Il Laboratorio del Gelato, the limited-edition Ruffino Prosecco Sorbetto with clementine is here to give your taste buds a deep-tissue massage followed by a nice, happy ending. Infused with the Italian winery’s crisp and vibrant sparkling wine, this sorbetto is as pleasurable as it is refreshing. 

Handmade and produced by the Laboratorio's founder, Jon Snyder, each batch is made with freshly-squeezed clementine juice, Ruffino Prosecco, filtered water, and sugar. It's that simple. Nothing artificial. Nothing gross. Just the good stuff. The taste of the wine doesn't get lost in the sorbet and it tastes like you're simply eating Prosecco. A bowl of this stuff is how you turn a good summer day into a great summer day. Trust us. 

Jeremy Glass, also nicknamed "The Juice," is a retired American football player, broadcaster, actor and convicted felon currently incarcerated in Nevada. He's the Vice editor for Supercompressor.