Finally, Seamless For Weed!

Man, California is officially the coolest state in the union. They've got In-N-Out Burger, year-round beach vibes, a whole community of reclusive celebrities, and—oh yeah—the right to legally smoke (medical) marijuana. We've seen what Cali's lax weed policy has done in the realm of chocolate, but now our bleary-eyed friends have improved the way residents get their hands on pot with a new delivery service called Eaze.

By combining the option-browsing capabilities of Seamless and the lightning-fast response speed of Uber, Eaze presents an app that allows users to choose from a selection of high-quality pot strains that are then delivered to your door in minutes.

A plethora of choices and barely any effort involved? This is the best thing to happen to mankind since the idea of smoking flowers. 

After you choose the quantity/quality of your icy-hot golden nugs, Eaze pinpoints your exact location and gives you an estimate of how long it'll take your driver to deliver the batch of sticky-icky-heady-skunky kush. 

And if you're interested in being a driver, you can apply on the website—we have to assume they don't subject employees to random drug screenings.  

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his favorite movie involving the dynamic combination of marijuana and Leonardo DiCaprio is definitely The Beach.