11 fall essentials to drink away the cold front with

When the weather turns and temperatures drop there's nothing better than a sidling up with some good booze. Exploring the city streets or hunkered down at home, here's what you need to keep warm from the inside out, for that bitter warmth.

From the bottle. Or from these vessels.

Mason Jar Shot Glasses - $16.19
As barn burners and bourbon are, Mason jars keep well from summer into fall. While gins and even rums are being shelved, the aforementioned Southern staples stay in season. And though Mason jars-as-tumblers might be a little precious, shooting out of these miniatures will keep you country warm.

Jacob Bromwell + Winter Session Covered Flask - $195
A little while back, we stumbled across what we deemed the "cure for the common flask." This is the same flask, except it has a nice leather jacket on it so your hands don't freeze everytime you reach into your coat for quick pull.

Mulled Wine:
Made with red wine and various spices, otherwise known as mulling spices. Aside from the red wine, here's what you need.

Original Mulling Spice Blend - $3.14/5.65-ounce carton
As soon as the scent of mulling spices wafts towards you, there isn't a doubt left in your mind that it's time for pullovers and thick socks. The smell is fall and winter in as much as football and pine trees are. This traditional take offers you an alternative to simmering for when you're in a bind: hot or cold, the spices dissolve completely without high heat.

Eva Solo Carafe With Serving Cover - ~$123
This dressed-up jug will keep your mulled wines and cooled ciders the right temperature during the holidays when Drunk Uncle's in town (the no-drip container will make sure he's at the very least presentable) and for long-stretches for when your idiot neighbors decide they want to overload the outlet with Christmas lights.

Jacob Bromwell Classic Tin Cup - $49/per cup
There's something so American about fall. And there's something so American about drinking out of a tin cup, so much so that JB decided to stamp "U.S." right on the side in the offchance you didn't feel the same way. It's also an homage to the same style of cup issued to Union and Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.

Old Fashioned:
A classic American cocktail for a classic American season. The SoHo Grand (a luxury boutique hotel in New York) has their own take on the Old Fashioned with two dashes of Angosturra bitters, one teaspoon of Demerara syrup, and two ounces of Bourbon before garnishing it with lemon and orange. The first Old Fashioned — the grandfather of American cocktails — used a sugar cube instead of syrup and Bourbon or rye whiskey. In addition to the hooch, snag these for the perfect fall drink.

Basement Bitters Bitter Frost - $20
Replace your Angosturra bitters with something a little more seasonal, like "Bitter Frost." We're also into swapping in Rhubarb flavors or the like, but Basement Bitters's first run has a spice-heavy yet somehow-light base with a sweet maple syrup accent that makes for an interesting mix-in for your Old Fashioned. And because these bitters are made with unaged rye, we'd recommend rye as your whiskey for continuity. [More... ]

Vermont Maple Syrup - $26.95/quart
Instead of sugar cubes or Demerara syrup, we like maple syrup when the leaves are changing. And what better maple syrup than Vermont maple syrup?

Cocktail Kingdom Stirred Cocktail Set - $86.75
Time to class it up, after all you are mixing Old Fashioneds. And while we've been keeping it stateside for a majority of these essentials, we're going to take a step east — well, far east to Japan for some of the best barware out there. This set comes with a Yarai mixing glass, Japanese-style jigger, then Hoffman spoon, ice cube tray, and premium Julep strainer to make sure you're mixing them right. What is Yarai? A Japanese company that makes glass that doesn't break and stays cold longer. Good enough for us.

Barker & Mills Bourbon Vanilla Cocktail Cherries - $16
These tasty pre-pitted cherries are easy enough to throw directly into your mouth, but if you have the patience, put them in your cocktail for yet another flavor, one that won't spoil the rest.

Channel Knife - $4.95
Don't forget the knife. This one will not only make sure you keep the tips of your fingers, but it'll give your orange garnish a twist — and the black walnut wood handle doesn't look too bad, either.

Yarai Old-Fashioned - $17/tumbler
It's the companion tumbler to the mixing glass in the above set, and a traditional Old Fashioned one to boot. With a wide brim, it focuses you on the flavors of the cocktail.

With all this in tow, you ought to be set. Just add booze. Stay warm.