PornHub Met Upworthy. You Won't Believe What Happened Next.

We’ve all come to know and hate the ubiquitous clickbaity headlines of Upworthy. Those tantalizing headlines taunt us with promises of laughter, tears, and paradigm-shifting revelations, only to supply moderately entertaining social activism that we don’t really care about as much as we probably should. But damnit if they don’t get us every time.

Enter Fapworthy (NSFW, yo), a site designed in conjunction with PornHub that slaps Upworthy-style titles on your favorite smutty videos, which are poised to become even more viral than that puppy who’s bowling to stop cancer. 

Jason Mustian is the mastermind behind this .org, whose captions like “These Girls Found A Way To Use Their Fists For Something Better Than Fighting” bring you to actual, honest-to-God porn hosted on PornHub. 

Our favorite part? The imaginary, all-star staff of writers with names like ‘Rod Longstaff,’ ‘Lance Thruster,’ and ‘Rocky Balboner.’

These boners matter, guys. Pass ‘em on.

Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. Her parents are really proud of her life choices. Tell her what a great daughter she is on Twitter.