The SodaStream For Beer Gives You Draft Beer On Tap, At Home

We love the SodaStream, mostly because we love to experiment with carbonating different types of liquids instead of actually making soda, though it only works some of the time. Now, the folks behind Fizzics have applied high-level design to our boozy dreams and optimized a device that takes your everyday store-bought beer and transforms it into a sudsy draft masterpiece. Finally: a SodaStream for beer.

Fizzics uses a scientifically engineered, patent-pending fluid and gas infusion technique, along with a built-in tap system, for the perfect pour, every time. 

The device works with any type of beer, optimizing the flavor of everything from porters to IPAs, and all standard size cans and bottles, including tall boys and bombers.

If you want to bring the bar home to your kitchen, head to IndieGoGo here to snag one for yourself for a $149 contribution, set to ship this October. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He's ready to have his own bar.

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