Finally, An App That Tells You What To Say On Tinder

Published On 05/28/2015 Published On 05/28/2015
Flints Tinder App

So you've taken the plunge and hit up Tinder (or one of its contemporaries) to find that ever You're swiping like crazy, and hey, look at that—a match. One problem: 15 years of txting LOL & ROFL acronyms has left you with ZERO grasp of the English language. Well, idiot, you're in luck because like everything else in life, there's an app for that: Flints.  


With smooth intros like the one above "NUMBER YOU NOW" (?!?!?) your thumbs get to take a breather. The likelihood of the lines working? We'd like to say that 60% of the time it works every time, but the study results haven't come back yet.

Flints is available here from Apple's App store for free (or 99 cents for an ad-free version). Get back to swiping, and let us know how much success you have.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant who writes Flints lines on the side.

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