Frost a Beer Glass in 10 Seconds Flat

When Hammacher Schlemmer isn't busy selling $60,000 fire-breathing mechanical dragons, they're investing their time in some seriously excellent products for summer, like the Beer Glass Froster. In ten seconds flat, you can turn any room-temperature beer glass into an arctic vessel for your favorite summer ale. 

A carbon dioxide canister emits a frosty cloud of CO2 that turns any glass from bummer to summer in seconds, and the extra-wide spout allows you to frost any sized glass you see fit. Ice-cold margarita. Yes. Freezing cold beer stein? Heck yes! Kiddie pool full of Bud Diesel? Actually... no, probably not. The froster clamps to any surface in your kitchen (or bedroom) and takes up as much space as a coffee maker. Hands down the best way to drink since the shower beer koozie.  

Jeremy Glass' favorite beer is Leinenkugel and his favorite movie is Space Jam