The Smartest E-Cig You’ll Ever Smoke

When it comes to the act of smoking intelligently, FUMR damn near wears a prophylactic with their innovative and obsessively clean design. First off, did anyone else know that the average human being’s pocket contains over 1.6 million germs? That’s the equivalent of 324 toilet seats! We’re really not into that whole “measuring things with toilet seats” scene, but it does make you think. 

With its patent-pending Ever Clean cap, you can keep your e-cig in your pocket without the threat of dust, bacteria, and germs, which means, by proxy, you’re safe from that stuff. Nothing disgusting or toxic will get into that body of yours...except for nicotine, of course. 

The lead-free atomizer also gives you precise vapor intake, simulating the realistic feeling of an analog cigarette while an attached rolling stopper keeps FUMR from rolling off surfaces. With a rich vapor that fills your lungs with the satisfying taste of tobacco, you can get up to 500 puffs (~three packs of cigarettes) per stick. Innovation is where it’s at with these guys. Put that in your mouth and smoke it. But literally though. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and is currently having a desperate love affair with vaporizers. Oh, and also a Russian cleaning lady named Doris.