Just in Time for Summer: $325 Ice Cubes

Are you sick and tired of sipping cocktails made with basic ice? Not satisfied with the cylindrical shape of the bagged variety? Settling for, gasp, ones you've frozen in a normal ice tray? Fret not, because Glace is here with bags of luxury ice cubes, and they'll ship them to you for a totally reasonable $325.

Of course, paying that kind of money for frozen freaking water is absurd, but in the company's defense, it's special frozen water. For one, the water is thoroughly purified of any minerals or pollutants that may affect the taste of your beverage (translation: it's filtered). They then freeze them into large spheres or cubes and ship them off in packs of five inside special pouches that feature a one-way air valve to push out ambient air, thereby preventing lesser, plebeian air from touching the contents.

Unfortunately, you can't order them individually. There are two purchasing options: a four-pouch version (20 pieces total), which'll set you back $205 or $10.50 a pop, and a 10-pouch version (50 pieces total) for $325 or $6.50 a pop. But if you're shelling out that kind of money for ice cubes, who's counting?

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's sticking with beer.