Thirsty Thursday: The Best Booze We Drank This Week, Whiskey Edition

Another Thursday, another hellish 24-hour period before it's technically Friday.

This week we're all about that brown bottle of goodness known as whiskey, with one exception thrown in. Why? Because whiskey is amazing and we keep getting our hands on the best bottles out there. So sit back, relax, unwind, and pour yourself a tall glass of liquid happiness—not to be confused with the liquid happiness that the cool kids are selling behind the high school. 

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey—$59.99
A chance encounter with this self-proclaimed "cult-favorite" from The Centennial state led us to become advocates for this 47% ABV all-malt whiskey. Brand enthusiasts in Colorado are known as "Stranafans" and have been known to wait in line all night to purchase limited-edition bottles. Now Colorado's Favorite Son booze has made it to the rest of the continental United State—rejoice for Colorado! The "Malt and Weed" state! Isn't that what it says on their license plates? 

Glenfiddich The Original—$99.99
Inspired by the O.G. 1963 Straight Malt that your grandpa drank, Glenfiddich unveiled this exclusive whisky that uses the same sherry spice from European oak casks predominantly used in the '60s. This 40% ABV bottle comes housed in packaging that pays homage to the original 1963 bottle with a dead-on-balls accurate design and triangular-shaped product. How does it taste? Sweet, fruity, and soft—like a Scotch should taste—and complete with a dry finish. Your grandpa had good taste. 

Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition—$29.99
After being sent a sweet pair of whiskey-soaked shoes from Cutty Sark—along with another bottle of Prohibition Edition Scotch—we decided to revisit this 100-proof whisky and give some revised notes. No surprise here: still smokey, still creamy, still exotic, still delicious, still the blend thing since the end of Prohibition! 

Koval White Rye—$34.99
There's still something special about seeing a white whiskey—it's akin to seeing a shooting star paint the sky or watching an Albino guy breakdance. Certainly, the concept isn't new, but it's always exciting. Koval's 80-proof White Rye is un-aged, spicy, raw, and is actually derived from a recipe made from amateur-distiller and professional President, George Washington. They suggest sipping it neat and we don't disagree. 

Piehole Pecan Pie Whiskey—$20
Piehole? As in "shut your damn?" That's right. Coming in three classic flavors, Cherry, Pecan, and App, Piehole boasts a flavor of sweet-but-not-too-sweet while maintaining that luxurious pie-vibe. This 35% ABV Canadian Whiskey tastes like how it looks: old-fashioned and something to be sipped after a huge Christmas dinner. Did anyone else just fall in love with the woman on the bottle? Think she's into me? 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his favorite pie is the kind you can eat with your hands without judgement.