The New Glenlivet That'll Make You Stop At The Duty Free Shop

Flying can be such a huge pain in the dumpster. However, there are still perks like the otherworldly charm of duty-free shops to make cruising at 30,000 feet tolerable. If you're making the journey from NYC to London, or the U.S. to anywhere, you need to stock up on The Glenlivet's travel exclusives, more specifically their Master Distiller's Reserve.

Boasting a nose of pear and soft fudge (gasp!) this 40 percent ABV spicy golden nectar has been matured in three different types of wood and has a wonderful finish of marzipan and hazelnuts. That's everything delicious in one bottle—not totally unexpected from a distillery like The Glenlivet. Hit up that duty-free shop and get the party started—because it's that kind of party.

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