The Half Pint Glass For The Full Pint Drinker

So, you want that #bikinibod but aren't willing to forgo your ice-cold social crutch? Maybe you work at an office where booze is constantly a-flowin', and self-discipline isn't your strongest quality. Perhaps portion control is your only hope for sobriety (sigh).

Whatever the case, here to help you regulate your malted grains intake is the Half Pint Beer Glass—for all the social gain, and half the calorific pain. 

Made of high-quality glass, this 8-ounce receptacle is cleverly designed to overshadow your friends' dainty albeit equal-capacity martini glasses.

Point the glass forward, and you're just one of the gang. Check it from the side, and you're going into work tomorrow morning sans hangover and beer belly. 

Get it for $13 here.

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and is now craving multiple pints of Leffe Brown. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.