Behold: The Portable Kegerator

Published On 06/03/2015 Published On 06/03/2015
Hank the Beer Tank
Hank the Beer Tank

If you've been waiting patiently for a way to lug a keg of your favorite suds around with you everywhere you go, wait no longer. Hank the Beer Tank, the world's first portable electric kegerator, is here.

Hank the Beer Tank

Hank was made to be mobile, and its creators had just about every type of on-the-go party in mind throughout the design process. Want to get your drink on at the tailgate or on a car camping jaunt? Hank is specially made to plug into your car's 12v outlet. Oh wow, you're fancy and you got an invite to the boat party? Just make sure T-Pain moves out of the way so you can plug Hank into the boat's 24v outlet. And of course, Hank works at home plugged into any standard outlet.

Hank the Beer Tank

Hank holds 1/6 bbl—the equivalent of 55 12 ounce drinks—of your favorite beverage and can keep it cold and pressurized to perfection for months as long as it's attached to a power source. Starting June 15, Hank will begin collecting funding on Kickstarter with a $699 plateau to reserve one for yourself. For now, check out Hank's brand spanking new site here for all of the important details so you'll know exactly when you'll be able to really take your party on the go.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and he can't wait to meet Hank.

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