Have Sommelier-Picked Wine Delivered Every Month

Frankly, we're surprised there aren't more clones of Glassful; subscription services that pair you with bottles of wine based exclusively on your specific tastes. We've written about relatively similar services that specialize in sending designer vaporizers, e-liquids, and condoms, but Glassful's universally appreciated product and refreshingly simple website make this an easy way to get into wine if you haven't done so already. 

With sets of questions asking what kind of snacks you enjoy and how you take your coffee, the wine preferences are recorded by way of a Google-worthy algorithm and analyzed by Paul Giamatti in a dimly lit cellar...probably.  

After you've signed up, three bottles of wine will be delivered to your house every month in an easy-to-carry box. Each box sports a different motif. Some you can expect to see are: "The Outdoors," "Spring Break," and "Independence."

Each month, the Glassful crew gathers up to 60 bottles of wine from around the world and tastes each one to ensure its quality. They're vehemently pro-organic, which comes into play during their selection process; they even go as far as to make sure their delivery boxes are 100% recycled.

One mustn't need be a wine snob to enjoy Glassful. In fact, these guys appear to be all about sharing their wine without the stigma of snootiness and snobbery. They believe that wine is something that's meant to be enjoyed without boasting about the age and plumpness of each and every grape used.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and, while he couldn't call himself a wine connoisseur per se, he does tend to identify with a race of enormous reptiles with razor-sharp teeth and resides Scotland's Loch Ness.