Have You Tried Smoking Liquor?

After a trip to Helsinki, during which a group of friends poured vodka over the glowing coals of a fire and became pleasantly inebriated from breathing in the vapors, Vaportini was born. While it may sound like a high school urban legend, getting drunk from smoking liquor is actually totally possible. Throw away your fancy tumblers and get into the liquor-vaping scene. Here's how you do it.

Pour an ounce of liquor (the higher the proof the better) into the glass globe. A small candle, placed below the globe, acts as a heat source and heats up the liquor to the point of vaporization. Breathe it in and feel the effects. Because the alcohol is inhaled, rather than swallowed, you don't take in any calories, carbs, or impurities, and the influence of the alcohol is immediately felt. Thank you, science.

Jeremy Glass writes for Supercompressor during the day and runs a counterfeit jeans operation from his garage at night.