Sunglasses Made From Weed

Typically, weed would be the last thing you'd want to put on your body when it comes to conveying an innocuous visual appearance. But Hemp Eyewear is harnessing the power of pot and offering a pair of sunglasses made from a hemp fiber composite material impregnated (their words, not ours) with an eco-friendly resin that has, in fact, an innocuous visual appearance.

The designs are formed out of the hemp sheet material by a process called "compression moulding," while the frames and legs are assembled and coated in resin. This whole process adds an extra waterproof/durable element to the material, keeping you cool, dry, and totally mellow. 

What would happen if you were to light these babies on fire and breathe in the smoke? Nothing; it's not like that—the material itself is essentially the run-off, or waste of marijuana plants. Unfortunately, you can't get "high" off this stuff. Its durable qualities were only discovered by Hemp Eyewear's founder while "researching" the world of hemp. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and you can read a journal entry from the first time he got high right here.