Here's Everything You Need To Know About Coffee Soda

A squiggly red line will always accompany Coffer when it’s typed out on the computer— but as long as you can ignore that, you won’t have an issue drinking this delicious caffeinated hybrid coffee beverage. 

With the ingredients limited to coffee, cane sugar, and yeast, Coffer is a distinct soda drink that tastes unlike any other cold brew you’ve ever had. The addition of yeast gives Coffer a refreshing twist, while the caffeine wakes you out of the mid-afternoon fugue that plagues America after lunchtime without feeling too wired.

The naturally-occurring carbonation is light and smooth — again, attributed to the yeast — and, unlike other cold brews, there’s hardly bitterness with the taste. It’s sweet, but definitely not as sweet as soda, so your desire to chug it like a soda is kept at bay.

This stuff is perfect for a hot summer day and would undoubtedly go well with a little Kahlua or rum — or even over ice cream.  We drank it straight from the bottle and loved every drop. So far, you can only get it in Austin, but hopefully people will catch on and it’ll make its way to the rest of America soon. Or else another Civil War is imminent.

Jeremy Glass is a diehard coffee drinker, or he at least thinks he is, maybe it's just American culture that has conditioned him to think so.