A Hoppy Drink That Won't Slur Your Speech

Do you love the taste of beer, but hate drunk-texting your ex-girlfriend at four in the morning? Hop Soda is exactly what you're looking for. Let's just talk about this super-flower for a hot second. Hops are used as a stabilizing agent in beer and balance out the sweet taste of malt with a tangy, bitter, "hoppy" flavor. They've been used since the 1500s in herbal drinks — and a popular folk remedy once recommended filling a pillowcase with hops to combat insomnia. Hop vines can grow up to one foot a day, and they contain a complex compound called xanthohumol which has immune-boosting qualities.

When it comes down to it, hops are pretty damn awesome. Now that you know more about this wonder-flower, you'll probably be a little more inclined to drink Hop Soda. It's a sweet, refreshing, non-alcoholic, historically-kickass alternative to beer. This concludes our history lesson. Carry on. 

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