This Is The Sexiest Homebrewing Kit Money Can Buy

Most homebrewing kits are space-hogging eyesores that look like they belong to dudes who wear non-ironic dad jeans. HopBox is changing the game by offering a set of four handsome kits that allow you to prepare micro-brewed batches of beer in the comfort of your own man cave. 

After spending countless days in college dealing with the mess he made from homebrewing, the creator behind HopBox was inspired to downsize the process by creating a simple, streamline design.

A background in architecture coupled with customer feedback allowed the guys at HopBox to craft a kit that gives the home brewer everything they need in one package.

A small donation to their Kickstarter campaign will get you your basic pint glass and bottle opener combo, while a larger donation gets you a kit and the chance to name and design your own beer with the HopBox brewmasters. You finally have the chance to make Schraderbräu a reality. Make it so. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his favorite beer is a pack of cigarettes.