Stop Drinking Watered-Down Whiskey With This Ice Wedge

Published On 04/10/2015 Published On 04/10/2015

What's the point of drinking that high-end glass of Japanese single-malt whisky if it's going to be sullied with melted-ass ice water?

There are a couple of solid options out there to keep your booze tasting like booze: Titanic-shaped ice cubes, Death Star ice spheres, titanium balls...but one of the coolest (dad-joke intended) pieces of barware is this Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge. Because, whiskey should taste like whiskey, yeah?


The $18 silicon mold fits into the included glass and freezes water into the shape of a wedge, allowing your whiskey to snuggle up safely against the ice without the threat of melting.


Plus, you'll gain some serious social clout from chilling at a party with a huge mysterious wedge of ice. You might just die from a high-five overdose. 



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