How To Make A DIY Soda Can Beer Sleeve For Public Drinking

Summer. Yay! Beer. Hooray! Public drinking laws. BOOOOOO!! If you love drinking, but feel oppressed by this nation's strict open container regulations (except you New Orleans), you probably crave a solution that helps bring your fantasy of walking down the street with a cold one to fruition. Luckily, with a little ingenuity and a sharp knife, you can turn this fantasy into an ice cold, frothy reality.


• One can of beer
• One can of soda, seltzer, or anything non-alcoholic
• A sharp knife (you call that a knife??) 
• Tape

Step one

Pour out your non-alcoholic liquid into a glass. It has no place here.

Step two

Drink the seltzer. What, you're going to waste a perfectly good glass of soda water? What are you? Some kind of asshole? 

Step three

Cut into the aluminum just underneath the lip of the can and circumvent like your life depends on it. Be wary of crushing the can as you cut; try rotating the can to minimize damage.

Step four

Remove the top of the can to prevent it from reattaching and coming back to life à la zombies. 

Step five

With the delicacy of a neurosurgeon, cut off the bottom of the can. 

Step six

Cut the aluminum tube open on the back of the can. You could knife this sucker open like some sort of Australian, but a pair of scissors works just fine. You're drinking beer with a soda can facade—you're past the point of impressing anyone. 

Step seven

Boom. Wouldja look at that! A soda can sleeve!

Step eight

Put one small piece of tape along the seam of the sleeve—just enough to make sure it doesn't slip off and expose your icy cold one. 

Voila! There's beer in this can!

You'll find beer tastes even better when sipped under the shining rays of Mr. Sun. Smell ya later, rest of the day.

Jeremy Glass is a staff writer for Supercompressor and legitimately drank a Modelo outside today at lunch. Best day ever.

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