How to make a Snowgarita

Look out your window, see that white stuff? Know what that means? It means it's the perfect time to take advantage of the subzero winter wonderland and make a Snowgarita. It's half cocktail, half snow, all boozily satisfying.

Step One: Grab a glass (or whatever peculiar vessel you prefer drinking out of) and fill it with snow. Avoid road-slush and dark puddles, because that's disgusting and you'll die.

Step Two: Mix tequila, lime, and honey.

Step Three: Shake up the delicious winter sluice.

Step Four: Pour into your frosty glass.

Step Five: Add a dollop of powder on top and sip your Snowgarita (or chug if you like brainfreeze), letting its comforting warmth melt your icy heart.