How To Open A Beer Bottle With 9 Household Objects

It could be the worst case scenario: You arrive at the party with a 24-pack of ice cold cruisers but you forgot to wear your flip flops with the opener in the sole. Because it's 2015. 

What do you do? Cry? Yell? Ask to borrow someone else's? No, because the secret to releasing that beautiful beer from its glass prison is right in front of you—as long as you have a pair of functioning hands.

Grab the bottle, make a hook shape with your index finger, and stick something (anything!) under the cap so it rests on that hooked finger as a lever. Push down with the object, brace with your finger, and the cap will fly off. Trust us.

1. With a lighter

2. With a book

3. With a door

4. With an iPhone charger

5. With a spoon

6. With a red stapler

7. With a table

8. With a machete

9. With another beer bottle

Jeremy Glass is Supercompressor's prized staff writer who has a super bad attitude.

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