How To Shotgun a Beer Bottle

Everyone and their dead grandma can shotgun a beer from a can—but did you know you can apply the same laws of physics (or whatever) with a bottle? It's true and—better yet—it's simple. Like all wonderful activities on this planet worth doing, all you need is a straw and a willing mouth. Here's how you can shotgun a bottle of beer in three-ish steps. 

Step One

Open your bottle. You can't get to the precious beer inside without popping a cap—it's just a fact, people.

Step Two

Insert a flexible straw into the bottle and bend. The straw lets air into the bottle and allows the beer to come out easier while preventing spillage. 

Step Three

Tilt your head back and drink! If you can finish it in under five seconds—unlike our shameful writer, Wil—pat yourself on the back. 

That's how you chug a beer from a bottle. It's so easy, pretty much anyone could do it!

Anyone, but Wil.

For shame, Wil.

For shame.