The Vaporizer of The Month Club

Not just another Blank-of-the-Month Club, Craft Vapery offers a highly-curated vaporizing experience that matches you up with a custom selection of flavored e-liquids and takes your tongue to Tastytown, U.S.A. It all starts on their website, where you create a totally personalized flavor profile that suits your taste preferences. They asked me how I felt about exotic fruits, as well as a plethora of other flavors. Was I fan of baked goods? Tobacco? Dessert? I made my selections, and a week later, I received my box: an impressive arrangement of professional-grade equipment. So, what's it like having this level of control over vaping? I dove in and checked it out.

Setting up the vape is a total breeze. Unscrew the glass chamber and drop in four or five droppers full of the e-liquid. Take a moment to wipe off any excess liquid and screw the chamber back into the base. 

Don't be misled — this isn't nearly as light as an e-cigarette. It's a heavy, fancy piece of equipment that should be treated as such. These people have taken the time to assemble quite a box, so take the time to enjoy their hard work. Take off your shoes, kick up your legs, and taste when they've prepared for you. 

My journey began with Jet Fuel — a viscous liquid that smelled exactly like churros. It was an excellent choice on their part, because I had told them that I liked baked goods and exotic candy. The churros flavor satisfied both categories. Did anybody else know that churros are even better in vapor form than they are in real life? 

By letting real genuine people (instead of algorithms) take control of your tastes based on, well... your tastes, you're pretty much guaranteed a pleasant smoking experience. I was shocked at how accurately my preferences were interpreted as I inhaled all the tasty flavors that I've enjoyed my entire life. 

It's worth mentioning that the good people over at Craft Vapery included M&M's and a hand-written note with my box. There's something to be said about a service that knows the customers they cater to. Craft Vapery is like a friend with good taste — they know what you like and, more importantly, what you dislike. Your tongue is in the right hands. Literally. Okay, figuratively. 

Jeremy Glass' fingers now permanently smell like churros — and he's totally fine with that.