Industry Standard Vodka Is The Perfectionist's Dream

Boasting to be proudly made by nerds, Industry Standard is vehemently pro-change and continuous improvement. In fact, this current batch of their vodka is the fifth version they've produced so far — and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Proudly made in Brooklyn, their distillation process has become aggressively streamlined as every single batch is hand-blended, rigorously tested, and consulted by experts. Industry Standard lives up to its name with the level of professionalism and dedication every bottle receives. 

Every piece of equipment in their factory was hand-built to ensure the utmost quality for distillation and even their yeast is grown on-site. Industry Standard is part of Brooklyn's Industry City and shares a space with a laboratory, a shop, and letterpress studio.

The vodka is made from locally-sourced sugar beets and a special strain of yeast directly from the beet fields of France. Industry Standard highly suggests sipping their vodka neat, and insist upon a side of oysters to best compliment the warm, fruity, subtly-vanilla flavor. That's a match made in heaven right there.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and actually does enjoy drinking his vodka neat. However, when he does, all the important stuff in his brain gets pushed out.