Oh, Weird! Jameson's Making a Special St. Paddy's Day Bottle

Published On 03/11/2015 Published On 03/11/2015
Jameson's Limited Edition St. Patrick's Day Bottle - Irish Whiskey

In the most baffling marketing move since Budweiser hired that guy named Bud Weiser, Jameson has embraced the St. Paddy's Day spirit with the fifth annual release of their limited-edition St. Patrick's day bottle. And all from an liquor company from Ireland! No kidding!


Designed by award-winning illustrator Dermot Flynn, Jameson's special-edition bottle is brought to life with iconic Irish imagery like notable Dublin pubs, historical figures, and Irish colloquialisms. By the way, "It's Jammers" means "It's busy" in regular-person talk, apparently.


Along with the bottle, Jameson is also offering up a trip to their homeland of Ireland—a perfect activity for those who love drinking and hate the Queen. 



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