Kegs of Coffee Can Now Be Brought to Your Office

Joyride Coffee admits that they're absolutely infatuated with coffee—and they want to infiltrate your office. By exclusively delivering kegs full of brewed-to-order, single-origin cold brew to offices on a recurring basis, Joyride can conceivably put an end to the delivery-cart coffee you chug every morning. 

A lineup of freshly roasted, high quality coffee (along the lines of Blue Bottle, Stumptown, and Intelligentsia) make up the contents of Joyride's arsenal. Their cold brew is obsessively cared for and their locally roasted, freshly ground beans are cold-steeped for 16 hours. (Normal steeping time for iced coffee is about 12 hours.)

Each keg has a dual tap handle, removable built-in drip tray, adjustable temperature control, and a six-week shelf life. At the moment, Joyride is only available in New York City and San Francisco—which is all the more reason to uproot your life and move. You can finally tap a keg at 9 a.m. without your entire office judging you. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and loves coffee more than most of the Popes, so far.