Life Is Awesome Because You Can Have Sex With Your iPad Case

The future is here and boy does it feel good. Our favorite pocket p*ssy peddlers, Fleshlight [NSFW, yo], just came out with the LaunchPAD, a totally revolutionary way to put yourself (literally) in the middle of a porno by way of a sexily modified iPad case. The LaunchPAD is made of a durable and flexible material that allows you to safely secure your iPad to your Fleshlight. Is this real life? Yes, yes it is.

Once secured, you can slip in your Fleshlight insert, turn on a movie, and blast off to your favorite POV vids. It's like you're actually in the video—until you're uh, done—then you're just six inches inside the physical incarnation of Steve Jobs. How's that for a heaping dose of hot reality?

Our Fleshlight liaison, Amanda Greiner, shed a little light on what they hope to achieve for the new attachment: "As mobile devices become more prevalent, we think that interacting will be a lot easier to do and will be the preferred outlet in adult content," Greiner said. "The Fleshlight LaunchPAD will help couples connect and allow them to be intimate—even if they're miles apart." Hear that, folks in long-distance relationships? That's the sound of the game changing. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and needs to go buy something real quick. Brb.