Live Fancy With The Exclusive Aristocard Membership

Credit cards have existed for 50-some years and probably aren’t going anywhere. Their fancy offspring? Also here to stay, it seems. The exclusive social club offspring cards are typically recognized by their minimalistic design, tastefully heavy weight, and leather sheath. Aristocard has all of this, of course, but it goes above and beyond with the perks. 

The co-founder, James Camp, comes from a background in hospitality and knows his clientele inside and out. In fact, many of the venues and brands to which members get access came from the relationships forged during James’ pre-Aristocard days. 

The perks from Aristocard are shocking. As expected, there are your standard discounts, benefits, and upgrades—but with some seriously impressive companies to make your life cushy as hell. Priority reservations at The Monarch Room, 40% off online orders with Reason, and custom table packages at Marquee, to name a few. 

There are also enormous discounts on travel, including private jets, private yachts, rush passport and visa services, and stretch limos. Naturally, high-end hotels are included in the line-up, so you can party like pre-Blue Ivy Jay Z in Miami, NYC, and LA for cheap prices. Oh, $395 for a Grand Superior King at the Tribeca Grand? Yes please; we’ll take two. 

Members are treated like Puff Daddy with a diamond monocle as they’re lavished with VIP tickets to Saturday Night Live, invitations to Fashion Week, seats at the Kentucky Derby, and exclusive access to the Classic Car Club. Have we mentioned the friggin’ yachts? Guys... f**king yachts.

A custom card is made for members, which is then linked to your debit or credit account. You can use it anywhere you see fit, which—with what they offer—should be somewhere totally awesome. 

Want to be a part of the madness? Apply online, then say your prayers. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and the amount of drool produced from looking at these perks could fill a small kiddie pool in your mom’s backyard.