This Steel Weed Pipe Will Last 200 Years

At first glance, the Ltd Tools steel pipe resembles something you'd find attached to a Chevy engine, or one of those extraneous tools IKEA manages to sneak into their packages. But rest assured, after taking a puff from this stainless steel piece, you'll never go back to a $10 gas station pipe again.

Ltd Tools has one mission statement: "Our goal is simply to make the nicest pipes on the planet." By taking trial and error to heart, each pipe constructed has been adjusted over time to be as functional, light, and strong as possible.


Each pipe is made with the same material as your grandma's vintage silverware; they can be easily cleaned, are virtually indestructible, and can legitimately survive for two centuries.

The model above features four chambers equipped with a spinning lid that securely seals the contents when not in use. And if you're looking for something a bit more clandestine than a tie-dye chillum with a blown-glass frog on it, your search is over.