Magic Hat's Quintessential Summer Beer

For a while there, it looked like winter was never going to end. Then one day, out of nowhere, things just kinda stopped being awful. In the spirit of balmy nights, tall swaying grasses, and illicit summer romances, Magic Hat has released their seasonal Elder Betty beer. Designated as "a golden haze from summer daze," this 5.5% ABV Weiss-style ale is a refreshing malty brew complimented by the tart flavor of elderberry.

Magic Hat Brewing Co. always finds a way to capture the feel of each season with their craft beers; this past winter's "Immeasurable Gloom IPA" is a prime example. We're always excited to see what they've got coming our way. When asked why this elderberry ale was named "Elder Betty," we were sworn to secrecy under the threat of 20 lashings with a cane. Which is kinda unreasonable, right? 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and the inside of his desk looks like Times Square circa 1978.