Make Vanilla Bourbon Smoked Coffee Part Of Your Morning Routine

We don't always prepare coffee according to "normal" standards, but damn if we don't think it's the finest part of the work day. Keeping in line with our love of drinking coffee mixed with delicious things, we sought out Bewdly's Vanilla Bourbon Smoked Coffee after a tip on Reddit, and have been scoping this stuff out in a very non-consensual way. Based in the heart of New Jersey, Bewdly makes some killer joe—we just think this one is the killer-ist. 

Wanna see? You wanna see. 

So how does one combine all these flavors into one tiny, little black bean while maintaining quality? Glad you asked. We recently spoke to Bewdly's founder/chief roaster, Tucker Schreiber, about the process:

"We roast most of our coffee within 24 hours before it ships," Schreiber wrote to us. "And all of the coffees are blended, flavored, and packaged by hand."

We also inquired about the smokey flavor, and he quickly dispelled some of our newly-discovered smoke-flavor biases. "A few other roasters use 'smoke juice' or 'smoke powder' and drizzle it over the beans, but not us."

"Our roasters," he says, "use a real slow smoked process, the same process you'd use for meat."

Obviously, the question is: how does it taste? Uh-friggin-mazing. The bourbon flavor does a sexy flamenco with the vanilla and straight-up does the hanky-panky with a combination of Colombian and spicy Costa Rican beans.

Schreiber goes on to say: "The actual process of getting the flavor into the beans is a bit of a secret." We feel compelled to add that he added a "winky face" emoji after that that means it's a super duper secret. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and has had three cups of coffee so far this morning.