Make Your Booze Sing With Musical Wine Glasses

Science Lesson: Every material on Earth has a resonant frequency. If you put energy into a material at its resonant frequency, you will force it to resonate. When you apply a dose of molecular energy to glass — like running your finger along the rim — it causes air molecules to vibrate at the same frequency as the glass, which then produces different tones. Depending on how much liquid is in the glass, a different tone will be produced. These Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses have a full scale labeled with sandblasted fill lines, which allows you to control the note and play any song in the key of A-major. Science is freakin' awesome. 

A quick Internet search will provide a list of A-major songs you can master with your new wine glasses. Obviously the first choice has to be Get Lucky by Daft Punk. That's how you start a dinner party. 

Jeremy Glass spends his days as Supercompressor's Vice editor and moonlights as a member of Daft Punk at night. He's the one that looks like a French robot.