Infuse Your Alcohol With Maple/Bacon/Hickory-Smoked Deliciousness

I'll admit it. I suck at making cocktails. It's not that I'm uninformed, I just don't try. I'll toss a few ice cubes, maybe a splash of soda, and call it a day. And that's why I'm so damn excited about Proof's Maple Bacon Cocktail Syrupan instantaneous blast of delicious taste to compliment your liquor of choice.

Maple bacon, my whiskey longs for you.

This magical blend of basically everything I love in the culinary world contains hickory smoked oleo saccharum, bacon bitters, and grade B maple syrup. 

The estimated amount of cocktails you can drain out of the diminutive bottle is 35—which at my house, would be gone before you could say holy hickory whiskies. And you can have it all for $22.