Martini's New Special Reserve Vermouth Is A Negroni Necessity

Put your ear up to your glass of gin. Can you hear it? It's crying. Sobbing. Desperately in need of a companion. It yearns for ice, Campari, orange peel, and Martini Riserva Speciale—the finest vermouth you'll ever taste for a perfect Negroni.

Over a century in the making, Martini's Rubino and Ambrato bottles of vermouth reserve are the first new permanent bottles to be launched in by the brand in 25 years. 

Blending local herbs and exotic botanicals with fine Italian wines, these new expressions celebrate the brand's homeland of Piemonte, Italy.

The ingredients used are as exotic as they are tasty, sourcing Roman chamomile, Cinchona bark and Chinese Rhubarb for Ambrato and Italian holy thistle with red sandalwood for Rubino. 

These guys have been perfecting the art of crafting vermouth since 1863, which gives you the green light to stick this stuff in your glass and drink to your heart's content. Vermouth shouldn't be taken lightly, especially when your gin's emotions are on the line. 

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