This App Turns You Into A Master Bartender

Sure, you can order any drink on the menu and know exactly how it's going to go down. Hell, you could probably jump behind the oak and play Tom Cruise in Cocktail for an hour or two. But uh, you might not find it so easy when you're at home, and you only have vodka and milk and peanut butter sitting in your fridge. No fear. Invite friends over anyway. Coming to the rescue is Mixtura, an elegant app that lets you know all the drinks you can make, based on what's already in/on your kitchen/floor.

To start, take a simple inventory of all your mixers, liquors, and anything that a bar might have. Label things as "got it" or "need it," so you can have a list to work from if you're lacking. When you get thirsty, Mixtura will show you the drinks you can make and how to make them. Conveniently, it also shows you the drinks you can't make and the ingredients you need, so you know what to have your bud bring over. Sleek, simple, helpful, and created by a dude named Phil, Mixtura will help you drink better.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He had zero Martinis with his lunch today, tying his all-time low. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.