Mixxxer's Hookup App Encourages Naughty Behavior

At this point, we still can't decide whether the sea of exposed nipples on Mixxxer belongs to a bunch of clever hookers or just regular folks who're really into giving their skin attention. Regardless, this pro-nudity/pro-NSA/pro-promiscuity/pro-non-dating f**king app is a surprisingly refreshing addition in a crowded space where most mobile apps have the nerve to even hint that an encounter could lead to a meaningful relationship. 

"We've seen a lot of users migrating over from other dating apps masquerading as hookup apps in the marketplace," says Mixxxer founder Michael Manes. "We wanted to create a mobile service that had no ambiguity. If you join Mixxxer, you join for one reason: sex. Not dating. Not love. Just good old adult fun. Users can post nude or sexually explicit photos.

Manes continues, "We don't punish naughty behavior, we encourage it."

Drawing inspiration from the supremely successful interface of Tinder and Grinder, Mixxxer lets you flip through a fleshy catalogue of men and women in your area who aren't just D-T-F, but D-T-anything

Nope, Mixxxer is promising nothing more than booze-fueled nights with gut-smashing and sloppy insertion. Finally, a no-nonsense hookup app where despicable behavior is encouraged. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and—when aroused—shoots a dart-like apparatus into his mate's abdomen, which then explodes. 

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