You Must Sing 'O Canada' Accurately To Open This Molson Fridge

Canada's iconic brew, Molson, just proved their nationalism tenfold by creating a refrigerator that only opens when you sing the Canadian national anthem all the way through. A microphone connected to a computer analyzes your voice from inside the fridge and can immediately tell if you're singing with the correct timing and correct wording. 

Molson pulled a similar stunt last year with a fridge that only opened when you scanned a Canadian passport. Damn those sneaky hockey-loving snowmen! 

We would label this as "the most Canadian thing a beer company has ever done," but in order to fall into that category, the word "sorry" must be uttered in the presence of a syrup-drenched, poutine-eating moose. 

Molson admits that the inspiration behind the fridge is straight-up Canadian pride and "what [they're] really interested in is that you know the Canadian anthem," which should inevitably lead our neighbors to the north to brush up.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and loves Molson way more than poutine.