Track Your Nicotine Intake With This App

If at this point you're not smart enough to have given up smoking (regardless of how cool it looks), you can now at least get your lips around MyVaps to begin taking steps toward better health choices. Through the use of a connected module, it lets you monitor the life of your vaporizer and better understand your smoking habits. Basically, figure out if you're burning often enough to send smoke signals across town. 

The accompanying app keeps track of the amount of nicotine you consume by giving its equivalency in cigarettes. 

Along with keeping tabs on nicotine, you can measure your vape's atomizer resistance, battery intensity, and voltage. 

The unobtrusive module fits between the battery and the atomizer of most vaporizers and, frankly, makes it look like you're a smoker from the future...which is nice. And fancy. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and still loves smoking the old-fashioned way.