This Craft Beer Club Delivers The World's Best Independent Beers To Your Door

If you're a guy who loves beer, you try to drink everything you can. With the bounty of craft breweries springing up across the country, this is becoming harder and harder to do, especially given the exclusive nature of some releases and the regional limits of distribution. And that only covers brands that are distributed at all. What about the independent homebrews that deserve their own time to shine? How can a beer lover's thirst for adventure ever be truly quenched?

Well, you can start by joining the world's most unique beer club, Noble Brewer


What sets Noble apart from the competition is how they source their suds. Each beer is brewed based on the exacting recipes of celebrated homebrewers, solving the distribution issue that plagues the little guys. Along with the beers, you'll get the stories of the people behind your drinks and their personal favorite methods for enjoying the beer.

We got our hands on Noble Brewer's inaugural shipment and gave them a taste at Supercompressor HQ. It contained the Yerba Buena Brewing Cascadian Dark Ale from the Bay Area and the Dudeling California Farmhouse Ale from Davis, CA. The Yerba Buena was a true dark ale–a personal favorite of mine–while the Dudeling is an ale from the Belgian tradition, which we think would go great with dinner. 

Membership to Noble Brewer is available at three different levels: Silver for $59.99 for one release, Gold for $53.99 per release for two releases, and Platinum for $53.99 per release for a full year of four releases.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant for Supercompressor who can't wait to get started homebrewing.