Jaunt Ale Is One Of Colorado's Finest Brews

We love Colorado's Odell Brewing Company and we'd like to think the feeling is mutual. We recently got our hands on a bottle of their 7.6% ABV beer, Jaunt. This pale ale was born in the Western Slope of Colorado — by way of the Rocky Mountains — and brewed with riesling grape juice. The beer was then aged on oak staves, which leaves it with a malty body and fruity finish. The oak adds a nice hint of vanilla, making the taste of Jaunt something all brewers and drinkers alike can admire. On a much more shallow note, we can't get over the awesome label design. It looks like a still from a Wes Anderson film. But honestly, we're just suckers for nice labels

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor. His favorite kind of beer is the 40 oz. and his favorite Wes Anderson movie is The Royal Tenenbaums.