This beer Montage is a quick trip through some of Colorado's best brews

One of 600 breweries going to the Great American Beer Festival, Odell Brewing is the Colorado brewery you should be paying attention to, even if some might argue otherwise. They've been a state and regional treasure for awhile now, but have only recently started reaching the far corners of the contiguous United States, much to beer drinkers' delight. Montage, a fall and winter variety pack, is the perfect opportunity to know why. Its headliner is Wellspring, a slightly hoppier saison that is part of the Roots Release series, inspired by their small-batch pilot series (experimental one-offs that typically never leave their on-site taproom). For $19.99 a 12-pack, you also get warmer-uppers Isolation Ale, their IPA, and flagship 90 Shilling Ale.