This Moonshine Is Charred To Perfection

Hooch ain't hooch unless it tastes like fire and comes out of a mason jar. The folks at Ole Smoky know that ,and their newest Charred Moonshine is no exception to those rules. Hand-crafted in the mountains of Tennessee — where liquor was born — this 105-proof whiskey gets its charred taste from the extended period of time that it spends aging at the bottom of a barrel. It's a sweet and robust whiskey that'll knock you on your ass. Because Ole Smoky knows this new-fangled generation can't handle their spirits without training wheels, they've generously supplied an entire page full of recipes to be used at our disposal. Protip: Go for the moonshine cherries

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and doesn't know if he actually likes drinking from mason jars, or if it's just societal influence. Probably the latter.